Residential Electrical FAQs

1. How do I know if I need an electrical repair in my home?

If something isn’t working correctly, there is a breaker repeatedly tripping in your panel or a GFCI outlet won’t reset when the button is pressed, you most likely need to have Electric Tech come troubleshoot for you. Also, if you have a switch that isn’t functioning or water entering an outlet, you will need to give Electric Tech a call to get those issues corrected.

Also, if you have an older Federal Pacific panel in your home, these can be unsafe and is in your best interest to have these upgraded. Federal Pacific panels are a potential fire hazard because breakers on these panels fail to trip when overloaded. If you have a Federal Pacific panel in your home, contact Electric Tech for a free estimate on a replacement panel system.

2. What is the difference between an electrical upgrade and installation?

An electrical upgrade consists of changing an existing system and often carries a higher cost than a new installation. This is because upgrades are done when a home is complete and installation happens when the home is initially being built. Walls are open and exposed, making it easier to run wiring throughout the home.

3. Do you do residential electrical work in condos and apartments?

Yes. Electric Tech is happy to handle all of your residential electrical repair, installation and service needs for your house, condo, apartment, townhome or duplex.

4. Why should I hire a licensed electrician for home electrical repairs, installations and upgrades?

Working with electricity is very dangerous. To prevent injuries or death, and to prevent electrical fires, it is smarter and safer to hire a licensed electrician. Texas has a strict code in place for residential electrical wiring to ensure your safety. Licensed electricians are required to attend continuing education classes each year in order to renew their license. Hiring a pro like Electric Tech ensures that the work is done correctly the first time.

5. How do you charge for services?

Residential electrical service and repair is generally done on an hourly rate plus materials. Electric Tech bills service calls at a minimum of one hour. Residential customers who are remodeling or who need electrical installation on a new home are usually provided an estimate for the entire job. Estimates are always free, no matter the job, so contact us if you are in need of a quote.

Electric Tech strives to be an affordable choice for all of your electrical needs. We understand the value of good customer service, ensure that our employees receive the education they need to get the job done and carry all state required licenses and insurance.