How Do Solar Energy Panels Work?

How Do Solar Energy Panels Work?

See how solar energy can work on your property in Lubbock, TX

Discover why solar energy just went from the wave of the future to the current solution. Electric Tech offers solar panel installation, repair and replacement services in the Lubbock, TX area.

Installing solar panels can save you a ton of money while improving the air quality on our planet. Here’s how solar panels work:

  1. The panels absorb energy from sunlight and converting it into electricity
  2. The electricity flows form the panels to the inverters
  3. The inverters turn the direct current electricity into alternating current electricity that can power your home

Your net meter is the piece of equipment that feeds electricity to different areas of your home as needed. When the sun goes down, your net meter will power your home from the electric grid.

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Why install solar panels?

Electric Tech can install solar energy panels on your Lubbock, TX property in a flash. Solar energy can reduce your energy bills and improve the planet’s air quality, but some of the less talked about benefits include:

  • Earning tax credit—because the government offers a 30% federal solar tax credit for residential and commercial properties
  • Energy security—generators can break and fossil fuels can run out, but the sun’s a constant source of energy
  • Job creation—the solar industry is growing and producing jobs at a rapid rate

Reap the benefits of solar energy by installing solar energy panels right away.